Welding – It’s Not Just for Boys

Though not a traditional field most women have chosen, welding is a great field for a woman who likes to work with her hands and be creative using a variety of metals. That is exactly what you will find in two of Mike Kappas’s Welding students. Haleigh Coon and Anastasia Theodore, the only girls in the junior Welding class of 25 at PLCC.

“We love the program,” said the girls. “There is no drama, our teacher is do helpful and we are treated the same. Our teacher does not give us any breaks because we are girls.”

Women in welding basically have the job of adjoining any two metal; be it two pipes, steel beams or other objects. Many plants and factories are in need of welders. Many women like welding because traveling is often involved, such as in construction jobs. Also, work is often varied, making for an interesting and constantly changing career.

Haleigh Coon, a Springfield resident, says welding is in her blood. “My dad, six aunts and three uncles all are in the business.” Haleigh also had a cousin that went through the program at PLCC
and highly recommended it. “After I graduate I hope to either work on the pipeline or become a steelworker.”

Anastasia Theodore, of Coventry, says she likes working with her hands and the art of welding. “My parents weren’t sure about me doing this at first,” said Anastasia. “Now they tell me I have found my niche and can see that I have grown.” Anastasia particularly enjoys MIG welding and in addition to having a career as a welder hopes to have her own shop where she can do some artistic welding.