An Award-Winning Year

Portage Lakes Career Center is incredibly proud to recognize student Mike Smith as the Green YMCA Youth Volunteer of the Year Award winner.

Mike, a senior in the Careers in Service Industries program, has been volunteering with the Green YMCA since October of 2012. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Mike helps to keep the YMCA in pristine condition so guests can enjoy all that the facility has to offer.

Mike states that, “working with the people at the Green YMCA and meeting lots of new people” has been the best part about his involvement there. He notes that he will “take all of the skills I have learned at the Green YMCA and build on them in the future.”

Careers in Service Industries Program Instructor, Dale Dunlevy, agrees that Mike is a perfect choice for such an award. “Mike is an absolute pleasure to be around and he can get along with anyone. He comes to school in a great mood everyday and puts a smile on the face of everyone he sees. This award seemed to help Mike realize the impact that his work and his attitude has on people.”

Lisa Clarke, Job Placement Coordinator at Portage Lakes Career Center, is just as excited about this recognition for such a positive student.

“Mike’s attitude and desire to learn will take him very far; he has grown so much this year and his connection with the Green YMCA has been a wonderful experience for everyone involved.” -Lisa Clarke

While Mike will be graduating in May and moving on to new opportunities, he is thrilled with this recognition. “I am proud of myself. I learned that you have to work hard and that you need to ask questions if you’re not sure of something.

I also learned how much I like working with others.” In the future, Mike hopes to own a business involving woodworking and he reflects that he won’t forget all of the things program instructor Mr. Dunlevy and the staff at the Green YMCA have taught him.

Congratulations Mike!