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Once we receive your online application, someone from our Admissions Office will follow up with the next steps.   To get started on a new career path, click the Apply button on the right.  If you have questions, please call us at 330-896-8102. 

Students With Disabilities

Portage Lakes Career Center may provide accommodations to students with documented disabilities. A student is not required to disclose his/her disability. However, if the student desires accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Portage Lakes Career Center of his/her disability.  Click here to learn more.

Financial Aid

Full-Time Programs (600 hours or more) Are Eligible For Financial Aid!

Many of our students apply for financial aid to complete full-time programs.  Financial Aid is available through a variety of sources for qualified individuals enrolled in full-time programs. Contact us at 330-896-8123 for more information or questions about financing your education. Determine if you qualify for assistance using our online financial aid calculator.

* Please note that student financial aid disbursement timelines can vary. Students are advised not to rely on disbursements for time-sensitive bills, payments, or deadlines.

$1,000 Enrollment Scholarship

Alumni of PLCC’s four partner districts as well as Veterans and immediate family members of PLCC employees are eligible to receive one $1,000 discount off any full-time program enrollment or one $250 discount toward part-time program enrollment.
Partner Districts: Coventry | Manchester | Springfield | Green

How To Apply For Financial Aid

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.

PLCC’s school code for the Free Application for FAFSA is:  016994

Contact our financial aid department at 330.896.8123 or krobinson@plcc.edu if you need assistance completing the FAFSA, securing financial aid, and setting up payment plans.

Paying For Part-Time Courses

PLCC Courses with fewer than 600 hours are generally not eligible for Federal Pell Grants or Student Loans.  Here are some other financial aid options for part-time courses:

  • Some local scholarships
  • PLCC payment plans for tuition
  • Ohio Means Jobs
  • Employer-Sponsored Funding
  • PLCC offers a one-time $250 scholarship for alumni of PLCC’s four partner districts as well as Veterans and immediate family members of PLCC employees.

Adult Education Course Catalog

Love What You Do.  Do What You Love.  Check out all of our Adult Education course offerings.

Schedule a Tour

We take pride in our facility and welcome the opportunity to show it off!  You would never buy a car without looking at it first.  Choosing the place to give you a head start on a successful path in life should be no different.  We invite you to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed!

If you are a high school student, please note that you will have several opportunities to visit PLCC during your sophomore year.

Once we receive your request, a PLCC staff member will follow up directly. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Portage Lakes Career Center is accessible to visitors with physical disabilities. Visitors should contact the Main Office at 330-896-8200 prior to arrival for parking instructions and other information.