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If you’ve decided that you want to be a cosmetologist, the next step is to get the education and training you need to become a licensed professional. In this program, you will learn the art of hair styling including cutting and coloring, basic skin care, manicure and pedicure techniques, and makeup application.

Hair Design

Envision yourself transforming people’s hair into stunning expressions of personality and style. If you’re captivated by hairstyling and eager to embark on a vibrant new career path in the hair fashion industry, our NEW  Hair Design program is your stepping stone to the career of your dreams in the dynamic world of hair design. This program is dedicated exclusively to the art and science of hair design—no mani-pedis, no facials, no waxing, and no makeup!


Become a skin-care expert through our full-time esthetician program and help people improve the health and beauty of their skin. At PLCC, you’ll learn advanced skin care practices, makeup application, hair removal, and much more.

Practical Nursing

The W. Howard Nicol School of Practical Nursing, located at Portage Lakes Career Center (PLCC), is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). Graduates of this one-year program have a high rate of success on the Licensing Exam, and upon graduation, are employed at hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians’ and dentists’ offices, clinics and health care agencies.

Dental Assisting

Our dental assistant school also offers vital training in practice management and the use of computer technology in dental settings, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle the administrative aspects of dental practice. You will become familiar with laboratory materials and develop professional competencies that prepare you for various roles in the dental field—from clinical assistant to practice manager in diverse environments like dental offices and public health facilities.


At PLCC, we provide hands-on training to master the skills needed to install, maintain, diagnose, and correct problems throughout the entire heating and ventilation system. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration service technicians install, maintain and repair such systems.


PLCC’s welding program prepares students for employment in the welding industry. The increased need in both state and local industries exceeds qualified people trained in the profession of welding.

Latinx man standing in front of white semi truck. Used to illustrate PLCC's Class A CDL classes in Uniontown, Ohio.

CDL Training

In partnership with Hamrick Truck Driving School, our program offers a blend of quality education and practical, hands-on training. With evening CDL classes Monday through Thursday from 5 – 9 pm.

Customized Training

Interested In Developing Courses For Current Employees?

We can help with that too!  PLCC is a designated State of Ohio Center for Training Excellence (CTX) through the Ohio Department of Higher Education.  We offer both customized and contracted training for specific business and industry needs in our well-equipped facility with the industry-specific tools and machinery you need to make your training hands-on and valuable.  Click this link to learn more!

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We take pride in our facility and welcome the opportunity to show it off!  You would never buy a car without looking at it first.  Choosing the place to give you a head start on a successful path in life should be no different.  We invite you to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed!

If you are a high school student, please note that you will have several opportunities to visit PLCC during your sophomore year.

Once we receive your request, a PLCC staff member will follow up directly. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Portage Lakes Career Center is accessible to visitors with physical disabilities. Visitors should contact the Main Office at 330-896-8200 prior to arrival for parking instructions and other information.