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Take 5-Week Drone Classes at PLCC

Drone Flying Classes Designed for Booming Commercial Industry

Don’t be left out of the commercial drone industry’s exponential job growth. Enroll in the Portage Lakes Career Center Drone Pilot Course in Uniontown, Ohio, today! According to recent statistics, the global drone market is projected to reach a value of $42.8 billion by 2025, with commercial drone use expected to be a significant driver of this growth.

Be Fully Prepared for FAA Remote Pilot Certification Exam

Launch a new, in-demand career with a focused, transformative journey at PLCC. In just five weeks, your path to becoming a Certified Drone Pilot will unfold with clarity and precision, thanks to a drone class that provides all the necessary tools you need to learn safe drone operation. Our flight curriculum is comprehensive, ensuring you are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Get Cutting-edge Drone Classes: Comprehensive & Cost-effective

At PLCC, there are no hidden fees in your tuition. Everything you need for our drone pilot class is included, including all course materials, exam preparation, and exam and license application fees.

Hands-on, in-person learning combined with online exam preparation

Experience the best of both educational worlds through our unique program structure, which combines the flexibility of online exam preparation with the invaluable experience of in-person instruction. We are dedicated to guiding you through every operational detail with this dual approach to drone classes, ensuring you fully understand the critical concepts and techniques essential for passing Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot License exam.

On-site education and live instruction

Complex topics and questions are no obstacle in the PLCC Drone Pilot Course. Our seasoned instructors—all specialists in drone flying techniques and how to teach them—will provide personalized support, offering clear explanations and solutions tailored to your learning needs. This direct access to expert guidance significantly enhances your understanding of the material, paving the way for your success on the certification exam.

Practical experience with DJI Air 3 Drones

Training with the DJI Air 3 drones in PLCC’s drone classes offers an unparalleled opportunity to develop expertise in the field of drone piloting. The DJI Air 3, known for its advanced, dual-camera setup for aerial photography and videography, delivers extended flight time, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and reliable control, providing a comprehensive platform for mastering drone operations. This experience will enhance your ability to capture stunning aerial content and also equip you with versatile skills you can transfer to a wide array of commercial drone applications.

Key benefits of learning drone flying with DJI Air 3 drones

  • Versatile Image-capture Capabilities: The dual-camera setup allows for diverse aerial photography and videography experiences, training pilots to adapt to various imaging requirements across different industries.
  • Extended Operational Practice: With up to 46 minutes of flight time, trainees can practice longer, perfecting their piloting skills and increasing their operational efficiency.
  • Safety and Confidence: The drone’s omnidirectional obstacle sensing enhances safety, instilling confidence in pilots to navigate complex environments.
  • Advanced Control Mastery: The DJI Air 3’s improved remote capabilities ensure pilots are adept at managing drones over long distances, a critical skill for many commercial tasks.

Transferrable skills for diverse applications

Your PLCC drone flying classes will prepare you for many industries beyond photography and videography, including:

  • Agriculture: Monitoring crops, precision farming, and aerial spraying.
  • Architecture and Construction: Surveying land, monitoring construction progress, and planning.
  • Conservation: Wildlife monitoring, forest management, and environmental protection efforts.
  • Delivery Services: Explore drone delivery options for packages.
  • Emergency Services: Offering aerial support for search and rescue, firefighting, and disaster response.
  • Engineering: Conducting inspections of infrastructure, such as bridges and power lines.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Gathering data on weather patterns, air quality, and water conditions.
  • Real Estate: Enhancing property listings with high-quality aerial imagery for marketing purposes.

Apply for PLCC’s drone classes today and get ready to master this advanced equipment, gain the confidence and competence to tackle a broad spectrum of tasks, and develop in-demand skills for the evolving drone technology landscape.

Program Credentials

Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot License

Admissions Policy Statement

Students looking to enroll in the above-listed program must submit an official high school or GED transcript to be reviewed. Team members will grant student placement only after evaluating the transcript and determining that it meets all criteria for admission.







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