Jason Toth

Fire Academy Instructor

PLCC Main Campus | jtoth@plcc.edu | 330-896-8133

I was born and raised in North Canton, Ohio. I grew up around Emergency Services with family members and their coworkers having a positive influence on me. I wanted to become a firefighter from a very young age, and after graduating from Hoover High in 1999, I was lucky enough to make that happen on November 1, 1999. I worked for the North Canton Fire Department from November 1999 until March 2007 as a Firefighter and Fire Safety Inspector. During my time there, I was fortunate to work with some great people who showed me the ropes and helped get me started in a wonderful career. I tested for Knoxville FD in April of 2005 and was hired in February of 2007. The City of Knoxville Fire Department consists of 19 fire stations operating 20 engines, 5 ladders, 4 district chiefs, 1 heavy rescue, and 1 Haz-Mat, and many support units (tankers, mini-pumper, brush truck, boats, etc.), responding to about 36,000 calls per year. Add in the inspectors, investigators, logistics, ems-office, and admin, and they have a total strength of about 400. During my time in Knoxville, I received my Fire Officer and Fire Instructor certifications. In addition to being assigned to Engine 1 downtown, I was also assigned to the Technical Rescue Team, and certified in Confined Space, High and Low Angle Ropes, Trench, and Collapse Rescue.