Fulfill your academic requirements at PLCC with a variety of academic courses, led by our outstanding instructional staff.  At PLCC, we offer 20 Career Technical training programs to choose from  but realize the importance of excelling and completing your academic requirements to prepare you for graduation.  Career Center students have the option of taking their required academic courses at PLCC or at their home school.

All full-day students are issued a Chromebook as part of the Career Center’s plan to develop 21st Century Learners.  Students will have the ability to use the Chromebook both in the classroom and at home.

Parents may review the selection of textbooks and reading lists, instructional materials, and the academic curriculum of the district during New Student Orientation which will be held in  August.

Below is an overview of the academic classes offered during the 2018-19 school year:


English 11

English 12

College Prep English 11

College Prep English 12

Social Studies




Anatomy and Physiology for Health Careers

Environmental Science


Algebra II

Consumer Math

College Algebra



Courses subject to change