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Portage Lakes Career Center offers 16 exciting and challenging career technical programs in a wide variety of fields ranging from transportation systems such as Auto Technology to human service fields such as Cosmetology and manufacturing fields such as Welding.

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High Standards in Academics

While we offer 16 Career & Technical training programs to choose from, we also believe in the importance of excelling and completing your academic requirements to prepare you for graduation.

Fulfill your academic requirements at PLCC with our wide-range of academic courses, led by our outstanding instructional staff. Career Center students have the option of taking their required academic courses at PLCC or at their home school. Those interested in taking their academic courses at their home school should see their home school guidance counselor.

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Partner Schools

The Portage Lakes Career Center serves as an extension of Coventry, Green, Manchester and Springfield High Schools. Students electing to attend the Career Center will graduate from their respective home high school. Students can attend the Career Center and still participate in band, athletics, and other extracurricular clubs and activities at their home school. Bus transportation will be provided to and from the Career Center from the high school.

  • Coventry High School
  • Green High School
  • Manchester High School
  • Springfield High School


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We are glad you are interested in Portage Lakes Career Center. We look forward to working with you in pursuit of your chosen profession. Portage Lakes Career Center serves students from the Coventry, Green, Manchester, and Springfield districts. Enrollment is limited. Therefore, you are encouraged to apply early if you are interested in a specific program.

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