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Do you thrive in a high-pressure environment? Do you enjoy helping others?

Do you thrive in a high-pressure environment? Do you enjoy helping others?

In this program, you will learn the academics, physical techniques and employability skills to better prepare for a career as a firefighter and emergency medical technician.  You will also have the opportunity to earn your Level I and II Firefighter Certification as well as the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) basic certification.

Our Partnership With Stark State

Our partnership with Stark State College’s Emergency Services program will further enhance your experience and afford you numerous opportunities to train on fire and medical equipment at both the PLCC and Stark State campuses.  

Career Technical Skills

  • Fire behavior

  • Building construction

  • Search & rescue

  • Hose & fire streams

  • Ropes, webbing & knots

  • Salvage & overhaul

  • Ground ladders

  • Handling & care of physical evidence

  • Use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • Fire extinguisher use

  • First aid & CPR

  • Patient assessment

  • Emergency medical services

  • EMT basic skills

  • Advanced airway management

  • Trauma

  • Physical fitness training

Industry Recognized credentials

  • Fire Fighter I & II

  • NIMS 100 & 700 Certification

  • EMT Basic

  • CPR Certification

Possible future

  • Firefighter

  • Arson Investigator

  • Fire Prevention Officer

  • Public Safety Dispatcher

  • Paramedic

  • Emergency Medical Technician

Other Fire Academy Program Details


PLCC Fire Academy is a full time program for high school juniors and seniors. Students will have the opportunity to visit and apply during the sophomore year.  Class size is limited to 20 students.

Scope, Sequence, & Curriculum

The Scope, Sequence, and Curriculum document is updated annually with input and ultimate approval from the program’s Advisory Committee of industry professionals.  This document contains detailed information about all that the program has to offer its students including the program goals, program alignment with state curriculum standards, a detailed description of each course taught within the program, program grading scale, industry credentials, and college credit opportunities specific to the program, and the program teacher’s own notes and input.

Student Organization

Program Fees


College Credit Potential

All programs at PLCC have the potential for either direct articulated credits at select colleges and/or universities or are able to acquire college credits through career technical assurance guides (CTAGs) in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

On The Job Training

During the senior year, students who have met the requirements and have received a recommendation by their program instructor, have the opportunity to go on School-to-Work Job Placement.  We work with our students and local employers to place them in a job that is related to their program of study, giving them real-life experience while simultaneously earning school credit.


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We take pride in our facility and welcome the opportunity to show it off!  You would never buy a car without looking at it first.  Choosing the place to give you a head start on a successful path in life should be no different.  We invite you to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed!

If you are a high school student, please note that you will have several opportunities to visit PLCC during your sophomore year.

Once we receive your request, a PLCC staff member will follow up directly. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Portage Lakes Career Center is accessible to visitors with physical disabilities. Visitors should contact the Main Office at 330-896-8200 prior to arrival for parking instructions and other information.