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A new, senior only program ideal for launching an in-demand career in the medical field.

PLCC’s senior-only phlebotomy tech program (with optional EKG training) offers a direct pathway into the medical field after high school. In just one semester, you’ll receive comprehensive, tuition-free training to become a certified phlebotomy technician (CTP) through the National Healthcareer Association. Plus, with afternoon-only classes, you can still participate in the extracurriculars you love. 


Curriculum Highlights

You’ll gain expertise in various blood collection methods that focus on sample quality and patient safety. What sets this program apart is the hands-on experience through an externship, providing real-world insights, boosting confidence, and the option to earn college credit and as many as 16 valuable industry credits. 

With a booming job market (10% growth projected from 2021 to 2031), PLCC graduates are well-equipped for fast entry into a fulfilling medical career.

Career Technical Skills

  • Medical terminology mastery

  • Expert blood collection techniques

  • Emphasis on precision and accuracy

  • Hands-on clinical experience

  • Attention to patient comfort & safety

  • Ability to collaborate with other healthcare professionals

  • Knowledge of ethical & legal aspects of healthcare

  • Critical thinking & problem solving

  • Mindset of continual learning & adaptability

  • In-depth heart knowledge & cardiac health assessment

    Part of optional EKG tech training

Industry Recognized credentials

  • Potential to earn valuable industry credits

  • Certified phlebotomist (12 points)

  • (Optional) Certified EKG tech (3 points)

  • CPR certification (1 point)

  • Potential college credit

  • Job placement opportunities

Possible future

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Hospitals

  • Community health centers

  • Assisted living facilities & nursing homes

  • Physician offices

Additional Phlebotomy Program Details


PLCC’s phlebotomy course is a part-time, single-semester program only for high school seniors. Students will have the opportunity to visit and apply during their junior year.  Class size is limited.  Students interested in this program must be 18 years of age.

Scope, Sequence, & Curriculum

The Scope, Sequence, and Curriculum document is updated annually with input and ultimate approval from the program’s Advisory Committee of industry professionals.  This document contains detailed information about all that the program has to offer its students including the program goals, program alignment with state curriculum standards, a detailed description of each course taught within the program, program grading scale, industry credentials, and college credit opportunities specific to the program, and the program teacher’s own notes and input.


Tuesday – Thursday | AM course: 7:45am – 10:45am  | PM Course:  11:30am – 2:30pm

Fall & Spring Starts

Program Fees


Industry & College Credit Potential

Students in this program have the potential to earn up to 16 industry credits if they complete both the phlebotomy and optional EKG training. All programs at PLCC have the potential for either direct articulated credits at select colleges and/or universities or are able to acquire college credits through career technical assurance guides (CTAGs) in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

On The Job Training

Twenty four externship hours will be included in the program.


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If you are a high school student, please note that you will have several opportunities to visit PLCC during your sophomore year.

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