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Laborer, full-time        CLASS B   No CDL
1.  Job Category: Labor level IV

2.  Reports to Public Service Working Foreman

3.  Positions supervised: none

4.  Desired qualifications / experience / education:
    A.  High school graduate or G.E.D. equivalence; trade school
    B.  Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in field of general labor as listed below (C)
    C.  Knowledge, skills, and ability: Good knowledge of all tools of the labor trades, good working knowledge of hand tools and on- and off-road equipment.  Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions and be in good physical condition
    D.  Has the option to obtain a commercial driver’s license 
    E.  Have a good background check.  Have no felonies and is bondable

5.  Primary function:  Assist and perform all related work in the Department of Public Services relating to water, sewer, storm water, catch basins, and general maintenance of roads, landscaping law mowing, and etc.

6.  Specific duties and responsibilities:
    A.  Assists in locating and repairing of broken water mains by repair sleeves or replacing sections of water main
    B.  Assists in connecting water services
    C.  Assists in repairs or replacement of fire hydrants, valves, meters, curb valves, and curb boxes
    D.  Assists turning water off or on
    E.  Uses power and hand tools as required
    F.  Responds to consumer complaints
    G.  Assists in cleaning sanitary sewers and storm sewers with hand and power equipment
    H.  Locate and repair or replace damaged sections of storm sewers or sanitary sewers
    I.  Lays brick to build, repair or raise sewer manholes, and / or catch basins
    J.  Makes forms for cement work to repair sidewalks, streets, catch basins or sewers damages by previous Village repairs
    K.  Assists in backfilling holes, maintains temporary patch of roads
    L.  Drives small dump trucks, vans, pick-up trucks.  Does not drive anything requiring a commercial driver’s license
    M.  Operates backhoes
    N.  Able to work in all aspects of the scope of the services in the Department of Public Services
    O.  Carries on-call pager / phone and follows responsibility of on-call duties
    P.  All other duties as assigned by Village Administrator or his designee

7.  On-call pager / phone and duties:
Employees that are “on call” and carrying the pager / phone are paid four (4) hours paid overtime for Saturday, Sunday, and Paid Holidays for the Department of Pubic Service when they are on-call (per Ord. 1765-2022).  If the employee has accumulated 40 (forty) hours regular time during the week, he shall be paid 1 ½ times, or (time and one half).  If the employee is called out on an “emergency”, he will be paid 2 (two) hours for the work performed.
All pay being discussed is paid in compensatory time off, not by wages, and must be approved for time off by Department Head (amended per Ordinance 1523-2014).
    A.  Work week:
The work week will start at 00.01 hours Sunday and work week will end at 24:00 hours Saturday.
Employees that carry the on-call pager / phone will pick it up Friday at 16:30 hours and carry it until 8:00 hours Monday.  The employee must have pager / phone on his person at all times, and be responsible for it.
    B.  Work to be performed:
           1.  Check water pressure gauge at Plant, read water master meter at Plant, and record reading on O.E.P.A. form
          2.  Take two chlorine residuals at Water Plant–one “free residual” and one “total residual”; then record both on O.E. P.A form
          3.  Rotate water well pumps in Auto-Con panel as instructed
          4.  Check Aqua-mag tank and pump.  Make sure it is full.  If it needs filled, use the formula as instructed.
          5.  Check Water Works buildings for security
          6.  In the summer months, when Upper Water Works Park is being used, employee will open shelter house and restrooms for park using park.  He will also collect fee for use of park, and have party in charge sign release form as instructed.  If trash is left from Saturday, employee will remove it to the back of Water Works.
          7.  Employee will take two chlorine residual samples in Distribution system—one “free residual” and one “total residual”; then record both on O.E.P.A. form.
          8.  Employee will check Sewer Pump House; check amp gauge on each pump and record in book.  Also, check sump pump in lower section
          9.  Employees who carry pager / phone on the weekend will also carry pager / phone each night after 16:30 hours for the following week until 16:30 hours Friday.



Company Info

Village of Lakemore

Suite C
1400 Main Street
Lakemore, Ohio 44250-0455


Who To Contact
Tracy Sayers, Village Administrator

330-733-6125 ext. 3 |  tfast@lakemoreohio.org

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