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Salary Range:
Employment with the City of Canton comes with an array of benefits. We offer comprehensive health insurance, paid vacations, paid holidays, a retirement plan, sick time, and personal holidays.


Applicants must apply at governmentjobs.com. Applicants must submit a valid photo ID along with their application.

Candidates must complete ALL the below steps in order to be considered for the position:

Complete your application and submit all required applicable documentation:
Driver’s License
High School Transcripts (if no college degree)
College Degree(s)

Complete your National Testing Network ECOMM exam OR transfer your scores to Canton Police Department if you have already taken the exam. You must complete your exam by jan. 8th, 2023
Complete the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) on the National Testing Network website. This information is required, as it will be used to conduct background investigations.
*** The National Testing Network offers test fee waivers for candidates that meet certain financial hardship criteria. For those interested, the application and details on this process can be found here.


Job Definition: Performs work involved with emergency and complaint calls directed to the Police, Fire, Water, and Street Divisions and dispatching from a communications center.


Representative Duties: (The following are intended to illustrate typical duties, they are not meant to be all inclusive or restrictive) Receives telephone calls from the public concerning emergency and non-emergency situations. Dispatches all appropriate safety and services personnel and equipment, by radio or phone as required. Maintains records, logs, forms and other materials. Disperses all non-related calls or non-emergency calls by providing caller with appropriate information or referral. Maintains working area, radio and telephone equipment as required. Assists in training new employees. Performs all necessary related duties as required, or directed.


Distinguishing Features: The responsibility of citizens’ health, lives, safety and property protection is with the telecommunicator, which requires a specific and controlled performance behavior on the part of the communications center telecommunicator.


Working Relationships: Relationships are typical with the general public or outside agencies on specialized matters that may include handling difficult relationships or solving minor difficulties.


Working Conditions: Requires long periods of sitting, adjusting to changing shifts and days off, exposure to a stressful environment, including a windowless, no-smoking situation, and with minimal breaks.



Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Characteristics: Some knowledge of operation and services normally provided by police, fire, water and street departments. Basic knowledge of the community, including location of streets and highways, and important structures such as schools, hospitals and other major facilities. Working knowledge of office equipment and procedures. Working knowledge of business English, spelling, and punctuation. Skill in writing clearly, accurately, concisely, and with appropriate English grammar. Skill in reading and understanding complex technical documents written in English such as laws, ordinances, procedures and training manuals, computer print-outs, and public safety reports. Skill in observing, remembering, and recalling facts and details such as those contained in oral and written directives, radio communications, and telephone communications. Skill in communicating orally with people of various educational, ethnic, and social/cultural backgrounds. Skill in organizing and analyzing a variety of information and applying selected knowledge, which will be learned after employment, in order to decide on an appropriate and reasonable course of action. Skill in exercising tact, self-restraint, judgment, and strategy in dealing with a variety of people in various emotional states. Skill in the use of a typewriter at a minimum of 35 words per minute, to transcribe hand-written copy and/or simultaneous oral communications. Basic map reading skills. The ability to deal tactfully and courteously with the public, agencies, and other employees. The ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. The ability to accurately comprehend auditory inputs, particularly those inputs received via telephone and radio transmissions. The ability to utilize eyes, ears, fingers, arms, and/or torso in a mobile and coordinated manner. The ability to gain knowledge of various communication and emergency response procedures. The ability to react immediately and precisely to sudden stimuli. The ability to perform duties under stress with speed and accuracy. The ability to sit continuously for long periods in a smoke-free environment with no exterior windows and minimal breaks. Must be health-free from disabling physical or mental defects that would affect the ability to efficiently handle assigned duties. Clear, pleasing voice. Excellent hearing. Mental alertness. Willingness to accept work assignments on day, night , or all-night shifts, weekends, and holidays. Be temperamentally suited to the position, and be able to remain alert during periods of inactivity as well as during routines and times of overload.


Special Requirements: Because of the nature of the job, an employee must be able to be reached by telephone. Employment is subject to a background investigation, which is conducted by the Police Department. Applicants must not have a record of criminal convictions which would compromise their ability to be granted access to police records information. A hearing test will be required.


Felony Conviction: An applicant who has been convicted of a felony is ineligible for this position.


ADA COMPLIANCE Reasonable accommodation in accordance with ADA Compliance will be made available upon request to those qualified applicants in need of it, in order to achieve the essential job functions as described above.


EQUAL EMPLOYMENT All qualified applicants will receive consideration for appointment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, political affiliation, age, type of disability, or any other non-merit factor.


Full application and testing details can be found at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/cantonohio/



Company Info

City of Canton, Civil Service Commission

218 Cleveland Ave SW, 3rd Floor

Canton, Ohio  44702


Who To Contact
Anna Moeglin, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist



All candidates can submit an application at   https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/cantonohio/

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