Our Partnership with Stark State

Our partnership with Stark State College’s Emergency Services program will further enhance your experience and afford you numerous opportunities to train on fire and medical equipment at both the PLCC and Stark State campuses.

Master These Skills

Students enrolled in this program have the opportunity to master the following skills:

  • Fire behavior
  • Building construction
  • Search & rescue
  • Hose & fire streams
  • Ropes, webbing & knots
  • Salvage & overhaul
  • Ground ladders
  • Handling & care of physical evidence
  • Use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Fire extinguisher use
  • First aid & CPR
  • Patient assessment
  • Emergency medical services
  • EMT basic skills
  • Advanced airway management
  • Trauma
  • Physical fitness training

Earn the Following Industry Recognized Credentials

  • Fire Fighter I & II
  • NIMS 100 & 700 Certification
  • EMT Basic
  • CPR Certification
  • Potential to earn college credits

Life Beyond PLCC

Students of this program often go on to pursue careers such as:

  • Firefighter
  • Arson Investigator
  • Fire Prevention Officer
  • Public Safety Dispatcher
  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Technician

Jason Toth

I was born and raised in North Canton, Ohio. I grew up around Emergency Services with family members and their coworkers having a positive influence on me. I wanted to become a firefighter from a very young age, and after graduating from Hoover High in 1999, I was lucky enough to make that happen on November 1, 1999. I worked for the North Canton Fire Department from November 1999 until March 2007 as a Firefighter and Fire Safety Inspector. During my time there, I was fortunate to work with some great people who showed me the ropes and helped get me started in a wonderful career. I tested for Knoxville FD in April of 2005 and was hired in February of 2007. The City of Knoxville Fire Department consists of 19 fire stations operating 20 engines, 5 ladders, 4 district chiefs, 1 heavy rescue, and 1 Haz-Mat, and many support units (tankers, mini-pumper, brush truck, boats, etc.), responding to about 36,000 calls per year. Add in the inspectors, investigators, logistics, ems-office, and admin, and they have a total strength of about 400. During my time in Knoxville, I received my Fire Officer and Fire Instructor certifications. In addition to being assigned to Engine 1 downtown, I was also assigned to the Technical Rescue Team, and certified in Confined Space, High and Low Angle Ropes, Trench, and Collapse Rescue.

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